Continuing the family farming tradition​ for over 30 years.

About us

We are dedicated to various sectors of plant production.

Crop research

We mediate agricultural crop research for breeding companies from all over Europe.


We plant, grow, harvest and sell agricultural crops for food and culinary purposes.

Plant residues

We sell post-harvest residues, e.g. hay and straw, to cattle breeders for feed or bedding.

Where to find us



Is Farma Holecová part of the ÚKZÚZ company?

No, although both companies run similar activities, Farma Holecová is a separate private company. However, we are in close contact with ÚKZÚZ and often cooperate. Currently, the companies do not share a headquarters.

Does Farma Holecová sell its products?

Various agricultural products are on offer according to the season. The purchase is possible by arrangement with Mr. František Páty (+ 420 603 483 583).

Where can I find out what is currently on sale?

Please contact Mr. Páté at +420 603 483 583.

Does Farma Holecová also breed farm animals?

Currently, Farma Holecová is dedicated only to plant production.

Didn't find your question here?

Contact us on phone numbers +420 603 483 583 or +420 604 216 950, on the Facebook page and on Instagram.